Don Too- The Ramen Debate

I love ramen, you love ramen, half the people I follow on twitter love ramen, and I am sure those who have not owned up to it love ramen as well.

I guess the only problem with ramen in Melbourne is, none of it is all that great.  We have, what you may call, a handful of passable ramens amongst shady imitations.  It had taken me a while, but I finally made it to Don Too after all the raving on their soft-centered eggs.

The eggs, the toppings and the noodles themselves don’t disappoint.  At night, Don Too serve nothing but ramen (there was a suspect laksa ramen which I am not game enough to try) and at a very low price.  When ordering Kirin at $5.50 instead of their standard $5 for all other beers, they say, “Are you sure,” as if you’re about to break the bank.  Their servings are generous, but they give you the option to order an extra serve of noodles in your bowl, if you are up to the challenge (don’t do it, I have not seen a single human win).

The noodles come with a toothsome bite, the eggs are gooey, the corn is buttered and the charsu is soft againt the crunchy abundance of the bean shoots which have been carefully picked of their tails.

The few complaints are, that while the broth is hot and the noodles are freshly cooked, their toppings are cold out of the fridge and turn a potentially warming dish into a tepid meal, and while their broth is subtle and has a deep depth of flavour, it is not nearly fatty or thick enough to stand up against an authentic tonkotsu.

So, the story continues, and the ramen hunt remains.  Don Too does provide a great relief from the constant visits to Ramen-Ya, and is just as good for entirely different reasons, but the unfortunate thing is that I may just have to go to NSW to be fully fulfilled within Australia.

Don Too

6/340 Lt Lonsdale St
Melbourne, 3000

(03) 9670 7113

3 thoughts on “Don Too- The Ramen Debate

  1. Wow I must have eaten a lot of bad Ramen because I really enjoy the stuff I have had around Melbourne. I don’t recall if I have had ramen when I’ve been in Japan, but I expect to be back there in May so any suggestions?

  2. Thanks for the great write-up. I’m keen to try it. Can you recommend any good Ramen joints outside of the city?
    Rory Hart, Try Ippudo. Especially in Hakata if you can make it that far. Otherwise Jangara is great if you can only visit Tokyo.

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